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IMPORTAT - CoViD-19 update:

The GAS lab is open, we keep on making pickups by taking ALL proper security measures, and ship worldwide!!

Boutique, entirely hand-made pickups,

for guitar & bass


Here you may find general, as well as technical information on the GAS handmade pickups.

Further upon, you may also take a look on the video clips demoing most of our models...

But...WHY should you try GAS Pickups?

Well, we give you 3 simple reasons:

1. Improve the dynamics in the sound of your electric instrument.

2. Upgrade your electric instrument's tone with 100% handwound, hand-assembled pickups, made from the worldwide BEST, hand picked materials!

3. Expand the tonal range of your electric instrument.

GAS Pickups - Making guitar & bass players happy...!

Some top-users of the GAS pickups famiglia:

- Gus Drax (Suicidal Angels)

- Costas Papadopoulos (Karma Violens, Memorain)

- Teo Ross (Diviner, Reload)

- Billy Merziotis (The Gary Moore members band)

- Angelo Perlepes (Mystery, Versus)

- Kostis Tzortzis & Mike Kontogiorgis (Battleroar)

- Achilleas Diamantis (top session musician)

- Simos Kokavesis (solo artist)

- Takis Barberis (Greek jazz legend...)

- John Grigoriou (bass guru)

Manolis Tsigkos, Thymios Krikos,

Antonis Mazarakis (Innerwish)

...and many many more!!!

Here is the current, valid price list (v10.4 for 2020-21, prices are without VAT):

International customers (ordering, inquiries, info requests, etc,): Please e-mail us at gaspickups@gmail.com

Retailer for Attiki and Greece: Music Accessories (www.musicaccessories.gr) shop!

Please scroll down on this page, in order to:

- Read our HOT NEWS,

- Find some interesting information about the design and production of our pickups,

- See some of our custom projects


Or be sure to visit the website's subpages, by clicking on the relevant knobs on top of this page:

- "Singles", "Buckers", "Bass" pages are Product pages and obviously feature more details on our products.

- "Sound" page has lots of GAS Pickups' videos & soundclips - although you may find demo videos under the models' descritpion on the other pages.


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Περιγραφή εικόνας
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- Oct 5th: New GAS S Single model: GASlight '57B Plus.

Following the same common features as the regular '57 models, the highly overwound '57 B Plus offers a higher output by retaining the smooth attack and wide frequency  spectrum and of the certain era. More in our Singles site.

- Sep 4th: New pickups category - the Multi Sound (MS) humbuckers.

After some time of research, we developed some humbucker models which allow different sound options without external circuits, active pre-amps, etc. Depending on the wiring of the 4 conductor cable, the user is able to activate different frequency response curves ont he same pickup. More info on our Buckers section!

- Jul 30 New S single model: GASlight '57

Featuring narrow .187" A5 bevel-top rods and heavy PVA wire, the '57 provide a sparkling, yet full and very articulate sound, especially on maple board guitars. More on our Singles site.


- Feb 8th: New GAS PAFoid legend model: PAFoid '58.

Designed together with Greek guitarist Billy Merziotis, who asked for a rocking pickup but with PAFish features, the '58 enhances the chimey, sparkling, and rocking side of a guitar with its highly direct response.

The pickup for those classic rock riffs of the 60's and 70's!

- Jan 17th: The new GAS Drax Custom Signature bridge humbucker is now available as a stand-alone model!

The high output pickup will be available in double black at 50mm and 52mm spacing for the 6 string version, as well as in a 7 string version!!!

At the video to the left, Gus Drax, Greek guitarist extraordinaire, shows how it sounds on his Siggi Braun II Signature guitar, playing that legendary Jason Becker tune with extreme precision.


GAS PAFoid 59 legend set review video. The second review video by Alberto Barrero, a review expert from Spain, who has reviewed tons of gear (pedals, pickups, amps, guitars) on his youtube channel "Alberto Barrero - Beautiful Gear Demos"

GASparkle '61 set review video by Alberto Barrero, a true expert from Spain, who has reviewed tons of gear (pedals, pickups, amps, guitars) on his youtube channel "Alberto Barrero - Beautiful Gear Demos"

Sticky: Our GAS PAFoids in the "Legend" Version! Features:

- German Silver (copperless plated) long-leg baseplate

- Correct alloy slugs & poleshoes
- Correct alloy flat head Fillister screws
- "Butyrate" bobbins
- Brass bobbin screws
- Hand crafted flamed-maple spacers
- AWG42 Heavy PVA, Plain Enamel  & Poly 155 wire (depending on the model)
- German Silver (copperless plated, 0% chrome) cover in "antique" look
- Single braided hook-up wire w/thick clothed core
- Our unique magnet bars! Old MMPA specs, degaussed, long, rough cast AlNiCo 5 bars, made in the US 
exclusively for GAS Pickups!

Hearing is believing!

About GAS Pickups

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GAS pickups

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Elektrisola P155 wire reels

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A Mini coil winder by CNC

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Alnico bars in GAS (II, III, V)

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German Nickel covers (new and aged look)

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Frequency response curves on the Pickup Analyzer screen

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Different staggering on GAS S singles

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Wax potting of the first GAS pickup ever, the #1 GAStone single!

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Aged PAFoid M humbucker with cover

We knew...

When we decided to proceed with the manufacturing of guitar pickups, we knew that it was a really tough thing. But we made it even more demanding: We didn’t want to be “just another” pickup manufacturer. We wanted to produce fine, yet affordable guitar & bass pickups, covering a wide range in the sound spectrum of the electric guitar & bass, so that quite everyone would find his favorite one.


And then, we moved on.

Countless hours of studying (again, after 25 years!) the Physics, in order to be able to design properly: A guitar pickup is WAY MORE than just winding a coil…

Whole weeks of researching the world market for the best materials…

Dozens of mugs, full of coffee, really helped keep our heads in place...


All GAS Pickups are designed here in our lab, and they are hand wound and hand assembled! Further, all GAS Pickups' parts are made strictly in the US, Italy and Germany! We test all pickups one by one here in GAS, before shipping. And this is our main warranty to you!


Today, Spring 2020, more than 30 single coil models, 30 humbucker models & 9 bass models are under regular production (see in the relevant sections for more details), and others are under design. Also, for guitar players that need something very specific, many custom models are made.

For anything beyond, just contact us at gaspickups@gmail.com. Yannis, the engineer behind GAS pickups, will be happy to inform you about anything you wish to know!!


We knew…                                                                                  …but we took our chance!


Wire: A "fine" thing...

The wire, which is used for the pickup coils, is one of the most important materials for creating good pickups, and also for keeping the consistency of the production line on a high level.

At GAS  Pickups, we mainly use the P155 - Grade 1 "Polysol enamelled" copper wire from Elektrisola™ (AWG 42 & 43), a world leader in industrial wire manufacturing. The P155 is not just another copper wire. It furthermore has a thin tin layer over the copper (tinned before enamelling), that keeps the outer wire surface absolutely even, and ensures constant resistance and capacitance over length unit. And this is a  crucial fact for perfect coils with maximum consistency.

Further upon, Grade 2 PVA AWG 42 copper wire from Elektrisola, is also used on some GAS models. This features a thicker insulation from the same material as the old Formvar® wire!

Last-not-least, the top-quality Plain Enamel wire from MWS Wire Industries company, in AWG 42, is also being used on some GAS models.

A nice turn...

When deciding on the coil winding machine, it was clear that we needed a really professional, reliable solution, that would allow precise creation of the designed coils, as well as easy, perfect recreation of any of them.

That's why we finally went for the CNC mini coil winder®. That small unit, operated entirely from a PC, allows not only precise coil winding, but also perfect reproduction (since all coil designs are saved in its library directories). Further upon, automatic-, manual- and also scatterwound winding are offered. It's easy to operate and needs very limited space due to its small footprint.

Magnetic issues...

Magnetic material sets important prerequisites for the main dynamic behavior of a pickup. In GAS Pickups we use AlNiCo II, III and V cast magnet bars & rods, and also OX Ceramic bars.

AlNiCo material affects also the inductance of the coils, and therefore the final frequency response of the pickup. Our A5 magnet bars are made by the world's top manufacturers in the US, the same ones who delivered magnet bars in the 50's & 60's to the top US music industry brands!

All magnet bars and rods are strictly magnetized by our suppliers on our specs. Although, during our extensive quality control, poor magnetized bars & rods are trashed, and replaced with proper ones, in order to ensure the required field strength and homogeneity.

Base, Roof & in-between...

Metal parts used in humbuckers, like baseplates and covers, can be really disastrous for the sound, since these may sigificantly increase the Eddy currents and thus decrease the upper mids and treble response of the pickup. The effect appears mostly (but not only...) on cheap pickups.

The baseplates and covers used in the GAS humbuckers are made exclusively from high quality German Silver (copperles plated!), a material with extremely high impedance, in order to keep the Eddy currents as low as possible. Other small tricks, such as inslulating the magnet bar & poleshoe from the baseplate, do also help in reducing those currents.

Further upon, also all other metal parts in our humbuckers (fillister screws, slugs, poleshoes, mounting screws, etc.) are of the best available quality, ensuring proper function of the designed magnetic circuit.

The naked truth...

The assembled pickup needs to be measured, in order for its correct functionality to be verified. However, to just measure its R-L-C data it's not enough at all. The frequency response is the main measure that will show if the pickup really works as it was designed to.

For this task we use the Lemme Pickup Analyzer, a PC based tool that allows precise measurement of the frequency response of a stand alone pickup, but also when connected to a volume and/or a tone control, with a cable, etc. Therefore, you can be sure that EVERY GAS pickup which leaves the house has passed such a high-grade quality & consistency control.

Correct staggering...

For proper balancing between strings and best response, we set the correct pole staggering on our pickups, which is almost unique for every guitar.

While for Humbuckers and G-Singles it's fairly easy to set up the screw height anytime, S- and T-Singles, GAS-Masters as well as Bass pickups require a very careful staggering, depending mainly on their position on the relevant guitar. Currently, most of our single coil bobbins arrive already with our GAS Custom staggering.,

Wax against howling...

In order to keep GAS pickups as immune as possible against feedback, we do pot them inside a wax mixture (paraffine & bees wax).

Wax potting, however, affects the resonance frequency by lowering it for a few hundreds of Hz (depending on the model, the wax mixture and the potting time). Therefore, we have to consider this side effect into the initial pickup design, so that the final, potted pickup delivers the desired frequency response curve.

Note: We always pot our pickups in the old fashioned way, taking the desired time and temperature, ensuring the best results. No vacuum potting is used in GAS, because the pickup needs some time to get in the (higher) potting temperature too, apart from the wax, in order to allow to the wax to perfectly fill any space inside. This is not possible within the few seconds of the vacuum potting.

Lookin' old...

Since artificial Aging was (and still is) out business, we can deliver any of our pickups in an authentic aged look.

After all, G.A.S. means "Guitar Aging Studio" (we bet you didn't know that, did'ya?)

Just ask us for aging services!