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Costis Fouk   (Rotting Christ - Lead guitar)

- KF Custom Set, '58 Legend set, '59 Green Legend set

"For me, a GAS pickup is what a pickup is supposed to be!

The most important thing GAS pickups provide, is the ability to express yourself as a guitarist! If a pickup is flat ,YOU will sound flat !

I've always wanted a pickup to expose my personal expression through guitar, vibrato, bending, speed, pinch harmonics and attack. For me these things are what rock and metal guitar sound is all about !

On my KF signature set, the riffing is tight and solos are wet and this is a pretty difficult issue to nail! (Thanks to GAS pickups and Yannis we could do that with perfect balance!). Dynamics, even on high gain situations, are spot on. Every note is popping out and sounds clear, the low end is super tight and you can feel every palm muted notes in your stomach, during  heavy riffing or fast shredding passages!

You just need a cable and an Amp - Period!"

Gus Drax (Suicidal Angels, Sunburst, Solo artist, guitar tutor)

- GAS Drax Custom Signature, GAS Drax 7, GAShopper N

"When I first played with GAS pickups I couldn’t believe that there is actually a pickup that can respond so accurately to my right hands’s picking attack and have such an unbelievable quality.

Easily the best pickups I have ever played...

Having a signature model with this company is a blessing and an honour! Yannis is a person - pleasure to work with, ready to answer to every question and bring to life every rational (or even irrational sometimes ) of my demands."

Costas Papadopoulos  (Karma Violens, Memorain, Symbolic P Studio recordings)

- Karmabucker I & II, Legend 58 set, GASer Plus A, Flaming GAS, GAStation

“With respect to my concern, regarding the tone of the guitar, 
I strongly believe that the pickup is the soul of the guitar…

When it comes to my RR Jacksons, GAS Pickups is the only way to go.

Huge dynamics with strong & punchy bass response and of course a wide frequency range so full of life with a sweet heaven and hell  feel to the top end….

Not to mention the crispy and aggressive highs with a mellow touch to it at the same time and, boom, you have the ultimate pickup out there!

That’s why GAS Pickups are the heart of my Axes.

Furthermore Yannis and I came up with a signature pickup model.

GAS Karmabucker is a riff machine in a pickup that has a huge bite and tight bass with boosted mids and open sweet chords.

The secret here is that, the past became combined with today’s demands.

The design is based on a classic PAF sound but with a modern feel to it.

Two pole-screw bobbins, unbalanced wound coils and a huge OX ceramic bar especially designed for low tunings situations.

Once more I say, GAS Pickups is the only way to go!”



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Image by: Paul Verhagen

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Apostolos Papadimitriou     (Rapture)

- GAS PAFoid N Plus, Flaming GAS

"My cooperation with GAS and John began late in 2020.

Firstly, I trusted him on setting up all of my guitars, and I was surprised with the results. My instruments were feeling better on my hands and I was stunned by the fact that the setup process was happening then and there with myself present, based strictly on two factors: John's extensive knowledge of guitar part mechanics, and their functions and my needs as a player. 

After trying out some of his own-made pickups I found myself finding a tone-shaping tool or ingredient that I did not even knew I was missing. Due to the nature of my band's music (Death/Thrash Metal with a huge variety of influences and styles of riffing) I was always looking for a balance between a highly distorted crushing metal tone and the clarity of balance that allows all the little details to be heard. Needless to say, that, as soon as I equipped my guitars with the Flaming GAS Humbucker on the bridge position, this perfect balance was instantly achieved! Surprisingly, this model is not even considered of extremely high output. I found out that the secret lies in the plethora of frequencies and not in the overall "output". I can easily achieve highly distorted tones with any proper metal amp with the gain set no higher than 3.5 out of 10, while at the same time the result cuts through the mix with worthmentioning clarity. I have tested the pickups in rehearsals, in tours across Εurope and in the studio during recording, and in most times they make the sound engineer's work easier as well.
Before closing, I would like to stress that the GAS Pickups models I have used might have a specific tone "direction" but are not "restricted" in certain sounds. The dynamic range, the sensitivity and the responsive properties of the pickup to a player's dynamics allow the creation of a great variety of tones, WITHOUT any changes to your amp's setup. By just messing around with the volume and tone controls of a guitar I find myself jamming everything from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Morbid Angel.
If you are looking for pickups that will take your sound to the next level without limiting your tone shaping capabilities down to a single genre of music, look no further."


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Teo Ross (Guitar tutor, Diviner, Reload)

- GAStation, Flaming GAS, GASfire, GASlite 59M, PAFoid N +

" Well, I met Yannis for first time in order to turn my Schecter Hellraiser C-1 from active to passive. I was looking for clarity , dynamics, response and a more wide frequency range. 

  Having already been epxerienced to some passive pickups sound, I wanted to explore something different from the ''classic passive pickup'' choices. First of all I was impressed by the reasearch Yannis had already done on my playing, my sound so far, my bands and guitar influences. I tried 2 or 3 humbucker sets, before I finally make my choice, (Flaming GAS Bridge Position, and GasPafoid N+24 Neck Position) and after almost 2 hours (inclunding wiring and pots change), my Schecter turned into a massive and huge sounded guitar!
After that, I decided to try GAS Pickups in both my Fender Deluxe HSS Stratocaster '06 (GASfire on Neck Position, GASlight 59 on Middle Position and GAStation PS on Bridge Position), and my Gibson LP Custom '80 (Flaming GAS on Bridge Position and  GAS Pafoid N Plus w/unbalanced coils on Neck Position).

Every pickup has been choosen after serious  discussion  with Yannis regarding the main use of each instrument, and of course my personal sound. I feel extremely lucky to co-operate with Yannis, not only because he made my guitars sound even better, but also for his professionalism,  immediate service when it's necessary (It's very important to know that your guitar tech is really there for you when you are in the middle of a studio session or you play live back to back) and the passion he shares through his stories and experience."

Achilleas Diamantis (Top session musician, countless studio & live projects)

- GAS PAFoid N+, GASfusion custom N & B

"I am really happy that I found a person with such a knowledge and taste for the guitar sound.

The sound I wanted should be really open with immense dynamics, and GAS Pickups made it reality!

Now all my guitars have GASs Pickups installed. From my Tele to my custom fusion headless guitars.

The art of guitar tone is right here!"

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Further top-users of the GAS pickups gang:

- GUS Drax (Suicidal Angels, Sunburst)

- Costas Heliotis (Rotting Christ - bass guitar)

- Costa Vreto (Wardrum)

- Fotis Benardo (Devasound studios recording guitars, 6-for-9)

- Angelo Perlepes (Mystery, Versus)

- Kostis Tzortzis & Mike Kontogiorgis (Battleroar)

- Achilleas Diamantis (top session musician)

- Simos Kokavesis (solo artist)

- Takis Barberis (Greek jazz legend...)

- John Grigoriou (bass guru)

Manolis Tsigkos, Thymios Krikos, Antonis Mazarakis (Innerwish)

...and many many more!!

Luthiers and guitar manufacturers using GAS Pickups on their guitars:

Paveza Guitars

Phos guitars

Skrettas guitars

Vagabond guitars

Echowood gutars