About GAS Pickups

We knew...

When we decided to proceed with the manufacturing of guitar pickups, we knew that it was going to be a really tough thing.

But we made it even more demanding: We didn’t want to be "just another" pickup manufacturer. We wanted to produce fine, yet affordable, guitar and bass pickups that would cover a wide range in the sound spectrum of the electric guitar and bass, so that quite everyone would find his favorite one.

And then, we moved on.
Countless hours of studying (again, after 30 years!) the physics in order to be able to design properly: A guitar pickup is WAY MORE than just winding a coil. Whole weeks of researching the world market for the best materials. Dozens of mugs full of coffee really helped keep our heads in place.

All GAS Pickups are designed here in our lab, and they are hand wound and hand assembled. Further, all GAS Pickups' parts are made strictly in the US and the EU. We test all pickups one by one here in the GAS Lab before shipping. And this is our main warranty to you!

Today, more than 60 guitar and bass pickup models are in regular production (see the relevant sections for more details), and others are under design. For guitar and bass players that need something very specific, custom models can be designed and built. And then we also offer our services such as pickup repair, pickup re-design, guitar circuit dimensioning and hot rodding.

For anything beyond that, just contact us by using the relevant link in the footer of this page. Yannis, the engineer behind GAS pickups, will be happy to inform you about anything you wish to know!

We knew… …but we took our chance!

Our Products


Dreaming of a sparkling, pristine clean chord coming out from your guitar? Wishing a meaty, spanky, yet dynamic riff to rule your 4x12"s? Or wanna play the ultimate twangy run, to get people off their seats? Then, a GAS single is for you!


Nothing comes over a proper humbucker, when it comes to a fat, punchy guitar sound. Whether it is rock, blues, jazz, soul, heavy, or even country music, GAS humbuckers cover a huge range of styles.


GAS Bass pickups are designed and made on the same way as our guitar pickups. Finest materials, perfect design, high end production, highest grade of quality control, perfect consistency will quarantee the best possible sound for your bass guitar!


Serious upgrade solutions for your Telly. From soft and twangy sounds up to the roaring Nocaster bridge sound, you’ll find your Telly’s partner here.

P 90s

An archetype of the guitar pickups! We offer a few versions of this, ranging from the traditional medium output up to the modern high gainer. Legend versions are also available.


Wanna get the best of our best? The Legend PAFoids offer that old-school sound with immense dynamics, using the highest quality parts. Have a look into the Legends Chamber!


To see more of our videos, be sure to visit the GAS Pickups YouTube Channel.

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