Dummy coil for noiseless operation on S Singles

We've been working quite some time on this feature. Following requests from customers for a noiseless single coil pickup, we wanted to avoid the typical stacked design, in order to retain the full sound and dynamics of a GAS S Single!

On a stacked bobbin design, each bobbin tries to degrade the other bobbin's output signal due to a huge value of their mutual Inductance M. As a result, the signal of a stacked pickup is lower than a typical single coil pickup, be it overwound or not. The solution here is to place the dummy coil, which will work as a humbucking coil, not underneath the main bobbin (where M gets its largest value), but a few cm away. We used the dependence of M on the geometry here.

For people that mostly use their neck and bridge pickups (a'la Back & More, Yngwie, etc.), a good solution is to use the dummy coil in place of the middle pickup. But, also for full SSS Singles sets it is possible to place the dummy coil underneath the pickguard, given that sufficient place is foreseen. We have already made a research on designing one dummy coil for pickups with different output signals, and the results are really outstanding. Pictured on the image above are some '67s and '71-RBs on the row above and two of our dummy coils on the low below, left one with the white cover is for different output pickups, right one (black) is for balanced pickups.

Ask us for more on this highly useful feature. 

New High Gain bucker: Meet the GASbomb!!!

Do you want to transform your 6-string, regular scale, standard-E tuned guitar to a monstrous, roaring baritone axe? Then, check out our new High Gainer, the GASbomb, 'cause it might be the right weapon for you!