Nothing beats a proper humbucker, when it comes to a fat, punchy guitar sound. Whether it is rock, blues, jazz, soul, heavy, or even country music, GAS humbuckers cover a huge range of styles.

Starting from low output PAFish oriented sounds, and ranging up to the ultimate hi-gain inferno, carefully designed and assembled, entirely by hand, from the best available parts, GAS-buckers will always let a guitar sound open (depending also on the guitar's overall quality), no matter their output level!

A proper humbucker design has to be followed by precise assembly work, using top quality parts in order to end up with the desired result: A high quality guitar pickup. All our humbucker parts are of superb quality, and this is something that can be heard in each GAS humbucker's tone. Especially metal and magnetic parts come from US, EU and UK manufacturers and fulfill highest quality demands. Read more about the parts used in our humbuckers in our TECH section.