Dreaming of a sparkling, pristine clean chord coming out from your guitar? Wishing a meaty, spanky, yet dynamic riff to rule your 4x12"s? Or wanna play the ultimate twangy run, to get people off their seats? Then, a GAS single is for you!

GAS Singles look like, but are not, ordinary single coils! Most of them are based on original, old pickups, but are not plain copies: Almost every model keeps a little secret in its design, which allows to embellish a specific sound detail of an instrument. Some are really hyper-clean, but not weak. Others are aggressive, but at the same time offer great sensitivity and response to the picking hand. We have worked over months on their design, and are still optimizing them!

After lots of tests, we use AlNiCo III & V (A3, A5) rods on our Singles. The magnetic material comes from US manufacturers. Our rods are bevel- as well as flat-tops. They have subtle, but clear differences: Bevel top rods show a smoother attack and light compression. Flat-tops show sharper attack and better sensitivity in their overall behavior, due to the rapid, extreme magnetic field divergence locally on the rod edge (watch also in our FAQ section).

For our Singles we use P155 polysol enamelled AWG 42 & 43 wire, as well as heavy PVA (identical to the old "Formvar®" coating) AWG 42 wire, and Plain Enamel AWG 42 wire (with 60's specs), depending on the model and the desired frequency response. 

GAS Singles are grouped in S-Singles (for Strats®, Power Strats®, etc), T-Singles (for Telecasters®), and Other Singles (P90 style, GAS-Master for Jazzmasters®, custom models, etc.).