Pickup selection

The most obvious service: We can assist you in choosing the right GAS Pickups for you according to your needs, guitar model, musical styles, etc.

Pickup re-wiring

We offer re-wiring of a damaged pickup coil, either to its initial form (if pickup data are available) or to a new design, if wished.

General pickup repair

We can replace your pickup’s damaged or rotten metal parts (as covers, pole screws, etc.). We can further measure and, if necessary, replace a de-gaussed magnet bar.

Guitar circuit dimensioning

We can optimize your guitar by analyzing the circuit and offering you the best solution in its dimensioning (pot values, cap values, wiring).

Pickup installation and setup

We can install your pickups on your guitar and set them at the correct height, following your needs, playing style, etc. (for GAS lab visitors only)


If your pickup(s) show uncontrollable microphonic behavior, we can fix it, either by proper mounting of loose parts or by wax-potting if necessary.