GAS Pickups lab offers a lifetime warranty for our products, with some limitations, as listed below.

GAS Pickups are delivered with a limited warranty card. However, we suggest letting a professional proceed with the installation in order to ensure the proper functionality of the pickup.

In the event of a malfunction during shipping, this should be reported to GAS Pickups (via the website contact link) within 15 working days of shipment (warranty card stamped date). The malfunctioning pickup should be sent to GAS Pickups immediately (shipping costs on GAS Pickups), and a replacement pickup will be sent back (shipping costs on GAS Pickups).

In case of a malfunction during pickup installation and use, the pickup should be sent to us (shipping costs will be on the customer). The pickup will be inspected for the reported malfunctions. If it is possible, the pickup will be repaired and sent back to the customer (shipping costs on GAS Pickups) at no further charge.

If a repair is not possible or worth it, a new pickup (same model) will be sent to the customer at no further cost (shipping costs on GAS Pickups).

However, if it turns out that the malfunction is caused by improper use (bad installation, exposure to bad weather and environmental conditions, external damage to any art), the repair (or replacement) will be charged to the customer.


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